Friday, February 13, 2009

Rebranding [and repainting] Mauritius

The hard working team at the Board of Investment invited some of us finance types to see the latest plans for Rebranding Mauritius.

A very intriguing presentation by Acanchi, a talented marketing agency, was made and gave me a real sense of excitement. The concept is imaginative and a bit counter-intuitive but, after hearing it explained fully, I think Mauritians will really rally behind it. And that’s the quite important part that some of the very talented audience members made clear; Do Mauritians and those of us living here for extended periods of time truly have some simple and unifying themes to communicate about this wonderfully beautiful, talented, diverse and still young Republic?

We at AfrAsia Bank are of course active in making our brand and our banking services aware to the Mauritian market and the regional market and much of that also relies upon the Mauritius brand as a springboard or a platform, a truly vital and integrated part of the region. So, I am hoping the new rebranding will capture the public imagination. Watch out for it.

One question, for the blog readers though. Rebranding and communications exercises are not disconnected to the physical and natural conditions of which we are part. There is a tremendous amount of development happening in Mauritius, much of it truly global class and quality. And yet some of the nicest buildings, houses or motorways still remain surrounded by unpainted concrete. And even some of the more modest developments still seem to have spent a lot of money on fancy windows, security systems and green grass …but still there is that unpainted concrete! This just seems rather incomplete and, at least to my non Mauritian eyes, undermines much of that natural beauty of Mauritius. Anybody know the story of the missing paint?


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