Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Daylight Savings Time in Mauritius – The experiment

I believe most of us either hate or love the change. Lots of stories going around that it will not be repeated. I do hope that there could be a public review panel or similar type of forum on whether it will be repeated or amended. There are lots to recommend about DST, including the lovely extra hours at the end of the day which are well appreciated by tourists and many of us who work until early evening. The downside is that, especially in March, the early morning is very dark and it does make it more difficult to get the morning routine going. Maybe there is a compromise solution and one that suits the fact that Mauritius is a very tourism oriented and international business oriented market.

Perhaps the DST period could be during the month of November to February only?
On balance, I really like DST but indeed in October and March, it has rather dramatic effects.

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