Monday, August 17, 2009

CSR and its proper uses

Well, just because I am on holidays back in Alberta, Canada, is no excuse not to do a blog instalment, I think. Actually, being here tweaked the idea for this particular entry. One of the things that I always loved about my home province is its sense of community spirit. It's just everywhere in the newspapers, morning radio shows and lots of people volunteering and participating in all manner of things that they care about. In other words, its Corporate Social Responsibility writ large. So many activities that I see people pitching in to help with may or may not be part of THEIR company or organization's formal activities but they do all these things anyway. So much the better when it is supported by your company! At AfrAsia Bank we have just embarked on our CSR programs and to be honest it was tough. We wanted something that is aligned to our values and does not feel like CSR for the sake of CSR. Or just waving a big cheque book around!

I am really happy with our first major effort which involves providing access to training and life skills for students who drop out of school or do not do well enough on CPE exams to go onto higher education right away. To me, that is CSR and sustainability all in one go. For if our kids are not equipped with means and ways to cope, survive and thrive, none of us can count on having a good place to live in or do business in. Anyway, click to this link and you can see what we have started.


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