Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Moving towards making the Internet Banking, the most preferred channel for our customers...

In general, the banking sector is changing very dynamically - a complete change in dynamics related to technology, communication and empowerment of people towards e-services has been felt in the last decades.

AfrAsia has adopted the internet channel in an integrated manner for delivery of its services to customers. The basic of such an integrated system is a complete automation of the back end processes and streamlining of paper based activity to an electronic workflow. This improves on the delivery time of services immediate to within 24 hours for any process that was taking a week or more previously.

In addition to the existing services - checking balance, viewing statement of account and some historical data, ordering cheque books online, transfer of funds, online printing of statements, instant messages sending, the following new services and facilities are now available:-

  • A French version of the Internet Banking platform

  • Request for Bank Drafts (FCY) or Office Cheques (MUR)

  • Salary files can be uploaded directly on Internet Banking platform

  • Multiple payments in single transfer (Client can pay different parties within AfrAsia A/Cs through one transaction only)

  • Clients have the option to transact with specific beneficiaries through a list maintain by themselves.

  • Credit card and Loan balances also available

  • Advices and SWIFT copy for each transaction are also available on Internet Banking

  • MRA Tax payment - Individual clients will be able to pay their tax via the Internet Banking platform

To note that AfrAsia Bank is the only Bank to provide SWIFT Copies on IB.

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