Tuesday, June 3, 2014

AfrAsia Barcelona Club, a pioneering football programme

AfrAsia is pleased to announce a pioneering football programme, AfrAsia Barcelona Club. This 2 year sponsored programme is a first in Mauritius as well as the entire sub-Saharan Africa region, and aims at identifying the best talents and giving them the required high level of training, support and capabilities to transform them into tomorrow’s football stars. This project has been made in collaboration with Football First and McDonalds Restaurants.

AfrAsia Barcelona Club consists of three key phases; the first one being well in progress:

Phase one aims at selecting the most talented 24 young footballers in Mauritius, aged 10 to 14, and providing them with one week of training in Barcelona by the FC Barcelona youth coaches at their training facilities. Open trials are free of cost for all 10 -14 year old boys and will be held over a four week period in stadiums around the island. Applications are distributed in participating schools, and available in all McDonalds restaurants.

The first two trials have been carried out at Auguste Vollaire Stadium, Flacq, and at Germain Comarmond Stadium, Bambous. AfrAsia is delighted with the amazing response at these two trials and looks forward to fuelling the same passion for the forthcoming stages of this programme. You are welcome to browse through the snapshot coverage of these two events.

Phase two, the most important one, will begin in September 2014, with AfrAsia Barcelona Club establishing an FC Barcelona-style football academy, managed and run by the coaching staff of Football First, across the island in the same regional areas as the trials. In June 2015, AfrAsia Barcelona Club will then be seeking to secure affiliation with FC Bescola, the official Football School of FC Barcelona. As of today’s date, only 12 such schools have been granted this honour worldwide and no sub-Saharan country has been afforded this privilege yet.

Phase three includes a two week December football camp in Mauritius, where official youth coaches from FC Barcelona will join the coaching staff of Football First and train an estimated 400 boys. 

This project is not only a first for Mauritius, but also for AfrAsia Bank, who enters the football sphere. As part of the AfrAsia CSR philosophy, the priority remains children’s education and development and this project is believed to be the perfect fit to achieve those related objectives.

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